off one's block / chump / crust / head / nut / onion

mad, crazy. These phrases are all elabo-rations of the well-established colloquial-ism, 'off one's head' (heard since the mid-19th century). The terms are some-times extended to mean intoxicated by drugs or drink, more usually denoted by phrases beginning with 'out of', such as out of one's head.

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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  • chump — 1) n British See off one s block/chump/crust/head/nut/onion 2) vb American a. to cheat or dupe ► The guy was chumpin me. b. to steal, appropriate First they chumped my car, then they came back for the fuckin furniture! In both senses the term was …   Contemporary slang

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